Guilty Goose (definitely not Guilty Gear)

January ’22 — May ’22 || Unreal Engine C++ Project Management

Matthew L. Komar
2 min readJan 5, 2023

Guilty Goose is a fighting game, where birds fight to the death. It’s totally NOT a parody of Guilty Gear.

As the lead programmer and producer, I was responsible for handling code and asset reviews, programming, and delegating tasks to 3 programmers and 3 artists working on my part of the team.

Life of a Lead Programmer

Code Reviews, Task Delegation, Teaching, and some programming…

Learning my mistakes from the 5 previous games I worked on at the Game Creation Society. I felt like I had Game Creation down to a routine.

As we had many programmers and artists touching the engine, I wanted to avoid merge conflicts at all costs.

I established code review meetings before the code was merged into the main branch in source control, with everyone going to me for review. This resulted in a code base that was well-written, commented, and more knowledgeable programmers.

The best decision I made on this project was assigning two UI artists to a programmer who only worked with them. As the programmer was involved in the design pipeline, UI assets were integrated easily and iterated quickly. This led to the UI and HUD elements being very polished.