Regent’s Utopia

September ’19 — November ’19 || C++ Blueprints Unreal Engine Maya

Matthew L. Komar
1 min readJan 4, 2023

Explore the twisted mind of Cornelius Regent and visit his personal utopia in this two-part VR Experience.

I wanted to explore how Utopia and Dystopia are relative to the viewer by creating a dynamic and living world in Unreal Engine.

Welcome to Regent’s Utopia!

The Concept

How would people’s opinions of a person change if they become that person?

Cornelius Regent is a self-centered narcist from old money who studies business in college. He is the embodiment of everything freshmen art students hate.

I made viewers assume the identity of Cornelius using VR as they would explore the world as he sees it. I wondered how would people’s opinions of a person change if they become that person.

I also used Cornelius to see how people would feel in a dystopia if they were the ones society favored. Would they feel disgust or hubris?

Using uplifting music that was juxtaposed against a depressing cityscape, I created Regent’s Utopia. Regent literally looks down upon people around him as he’s taller than other people.

The reaction guests felt in the experience was mixed. Some felt empowered and others were repulsed. You decide for yourself what you feel!